Rush Hour provides professional website maintenance services to small businesses, large multinational corporations, online merchants, non-profits, and a wide range of other organizations worldwide.

Rush Hour's comprehensive webmaster services allow organizations who want to outsource all or a portion of their website maintenance or content updates to a professional team. We can help cost-effectively augment and assist your website management staff - so you can focus on running and building your business. Outsourcing maintenance and updates saves you payroll expenses, specialized training costs, and staffing headaches. With responsive service and fast turn around on your updates, we save you time, money and stress.

Content Maintenance and Updates

We provide all of our maintenance clients with the power and skill sets of a complete web development team -- from graphic designers, web designers, web developers and database professionals. We utilize the resources we have available in-house and put them to work on any maintenance task. From simple content updates such as news articles to more demanding ones like updating product data of an online storefront, we have the resources and experience to handle any content update task.

Platform Maintenance and Management

Don't have the resources to properly manage your website or online storefront's hosting platform? With years of experience keeping sites "running", Rush Hour can cost-effectively assist you in this area. From basic "shared" hosting platforms to more complex VPS, Cloud or even multiple dedicated server set-ups, we have the expertise to manage these properly. We can perform tasks such as site uptime monitoring, backup management and data restoration, software updates and patch management, and a lot more.

Staging Site Provisioning

A staging site is a "mirror" copy of a website or web application that is used to assemble, test and review newer versions of both content and functionality before it is moved to the "live" production site. Not all organizations have the luxury of having access to a staging site. Rush Hour can provision a staging site for clients to use in conjunction with our webmaster services, giving clients the peace of mind that they can review and approve updates properly before these go live for the whole world to see.

Data Mining

Today's database-driven websites and online storefronts generate lots and lots of data. If your current toolset, staff resources or vendor does not provide you with a means to get to this data and analyze properly it you are losing out big time. If you need someone to help "extract" or "mine" this valuable asset for you, Rush Hour's team of experienced web developers and database professionals can help. We can even create reports in formats you require using the data we are able to mine.

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