Depending on project size, complexity and specifications, Rush Hour offers various service models to its customers - all of which aim to maximize cost savings, decrease delivery times and ensure project success.

dedicated resource Dedicated Resource / Time and Material Model

Rush Hour can provide programmer(s), designers, flash developers and other IT support staff with infrastructure and project manager support-on-contract arrangements. The advantage of this model is ready availability of experienced staff and infrastructure.

In this we model provide a facility via which allows you to make use of the services of an individual or team who will work only for you, 8-hours a day, 5-days a week. Think of it as building your own offshore facilities one cubicle at a time - with the advantage of adjusting (adding / removing) team members relatively easily.

This service model is best suited for:

  • Web development / IT companies looking for an extension to their development facility.
  • Companies confronted with the problem of time pinching, resource lack as well as facility scarcity.
  • Long term or evolving specifications projects.
  • Regular maintenance or fixed monthly jobs such as website updates / maintenance and even data entry.

Fixed Cost Fixed Price / Cost Model

This model is best suited for projects whose scope, schedules and requirements are specifically defined. In addition, in this model the total cost and timeline of the development is agreed to and finalized before the start of the project - Rush Hour will best be able to select the suitable development team, technologies and management resources to accomplish the project as agreed.

In the event of new project features or major changes these are discussed and quoted separately.

As project specifications and deliverables are clearly defined, this model guarantees on-time, on-budget delivery of projects.

joint venture Joint Venture Model

A successful joint venture or partnership equally balances the burden of responsibility and the gratification of success - sharing both gladly and cooperatively.

Many in our industry want to enjoy successes with their partners, but at the same time shy away from the responsibilities that must also be a part of the package. At Rush Hour, the eagerness to meet those obligations makes the success genuine.

Forging solid, lasting relationships is treated by some as a clichèd concept. At Rush Hour, it is the only way to do business. As new opportunities become available, we will continue to seek out professional partnerships with those who share our goals and our passion for success.

Contact us today, and share with us your vision for your project. We will work with you, side by side, to make that vision a reality. We will be your consultant, your builder, your partner, or any combination thereof. We will be a part of your success, as you will be a part of ours.