We understand that selling your products online can be a challenging endeavor.

Often, the most difficult part of the process is choosing the right solution and solution provider. At Rush Hour, we start by trying to understand our customer's underlying business processes and any unique requirements involved with them selling their products online. We then recommend an approach that provides the best fit for their specific needs.

At Rush Hour we don't believe that one size fits all when it comes to e-commerce - which is why we provide custom ecommerce development services and frameworks to better able to provide solutions that best match the needs of our customers.

Rush Hour Ecommerce Framework

Rush Hour makes use of a custom in-house developed ecommerce framework for online storefronts. The framework is in use of a number of existing online storefronts and has been built from the ground up with security, usability, scalability, ease of customization and modular in mind. Over the years the framework has been upgraded, improved and new modules constantly being added. Below are some of the features of a "basic" implementation of the ecommerce framework.

Technology and Platform

  • Utilizes Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 technology
  • Harnesses the power of MS SQL Server 2008 R2 database
  • Object-oriented backend architecture
  • HTML5 utilized for the front-end
  • Solution wide use of database stored procedures adds to increased performance and security.
  • Scalability: Works on shared hosting all the way up to complex multi-server environments, including cloud hosting.
  • Performance: Compiled code vs. interpreted code (ex. PHP)
  • Automatic image resizing built in.

Design and Layout

  • Template structure implementation allows for layout changes to be adaptive and relatively easy to do.
  • Ability to apply custom designs to different sections of the online shop.
  • Widget Ready: Add and modify widgets as you see fit to all areas of the online storefront.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: Works in all modern web browsers (IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  • Cross-device compatibility: Works on PCs, tablets and smartphones with a modern XHTML browser.

Catalog Functionality

  • Supports an unlimited number of categories, brands, manufacturers and products.
  • HTML based product descriptions
  • Supports product attributes and options
  • Powerful catalog search
  • Support for featured and "on sale" products
  • Multiple images per product (product gallery with image zoom)
  • Support for "call for price" products
  • Configurable out-of-stock handling options
  • Upselling and cross selling of products
  • Select what to display, and in what order, in the product listing pages
  • More choice: customers can shop by category, brand, or even manufacturer

Payment Functionality

  • Supports various online/real-time payment methods like credit cards and PayPal
  • Supports offline payment methods (Ex. C.O.D)
  • eCheck payments support (via Authorize.net)
  • Support for automatic tax computation
  • Automatic shipping costs computation
  • Support for promo code based discounts
  • Ability to set minimum order amount

Shipping Functionality

  • Supports weight-based shipping cost computation
  • Supports order total or product price based shipping cost computation
  • Supports flat rate shipping cost computation
  • Free shipping based on minimum order amount
  • Easily enable or disable free shipping

Customer Experience

  • User centric checkout procedure
  • Easily define quantities of products to order and add to cart
  • Secure customer area allowing customer to update their profile and other information
  • Saved shipping and billing addresses for speedier checkout for return customers
  • Quick customer registration process
  • Customers can view and check order history and status
  • Secure SSL transactions
  • Contact us webform for customers to easily send messages to store owners
  • Printer-friendly versions of orders


  • Secure SSL transactions
  • IP address tracking for safety and auditing
  • Strong password enforcement
  • CAPTCHA image protection against automated bot attacks
  • No saving of credit card information
  • All customer data is stored in encrypted format
  • Audit trail and logging
  • Integrated ASP.NET security
  • Runs in "medium" trust for enhanced security


  • Web-based administration area
  • Administration area secured with login and password
  • Manage virtually every aspect of the store front via the administration interface
  • Admin interface supports multiple users and groups each with specific privileges
  • Powerful order management
  • Built-in inventory management
  • Powerful customer profile management tools
  • Data export tools built-in: export customer, order and other site data.
  • Create unlimited "static" pages
  • Manage the content and format of all store generated emails
  • Manage all site configuration value via the administration interface

Looking for more?

Our "basic" ecommerce framework can be extended via add-on modules or custom modules we can develop based on our customers unique requirements.

Add-on Modules

  • Mailing list provider service integration
  • Store pick-up option for delivery/shipping
  • Store Locator - for merchants with multiple physical stores, provide an online directory of their stores on the online shop.
  • Add to wish list - allows customers to add items to a wish list for future reference and purchase.
  • Email to a friend - ability for users to email a link to a specific product to a friend via a simple online form
  • Bank deposit payment option - allows users to make payments for orders via bank deposit.
  • Gcash payment option - allow users to make payments for order via Gcash.
  • Privilege Cards - include database of privilege cards holders. Allow for special discounts (per product type, % of order total, etc.) for privilege card holders who provide their card holder information upon checkout - with real time validation against the internal database of card holders.
  • VIP views - ability to tag customers as VIPS. VIPS will then have access to a VIP only section of the store with products just for them.
  • Low inventory alert - always be on top of products that are running low in terms of inventory
  • Product Data Import
  • Product Images Import - easily encode product images in bulk
  • Product ratings and reviews
  • Granular product upsell/cross sell configuration
  • Support for Purchase Orders
  • Reward points - assign reward points to products. Allow customers to accumulate rewards points for purchases.
  • Batch Product Update via Import
  • Shipping Cost Estimator - offer customers a quick and easy way to estimate the shipping cost of their order.
  • Quantity Discounts - apply discounts to products or order totals based on pre-defined quantity discounts
  • Product marketing feeds module - easily export product data to Shopzilla and Pricegrabber formats for easy uploading to these services

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