Rush Hour Completes Enhancement and Website Performance Optimization of Website


Rush Hour Creative Solutions today announced that it has completed the enhancement and website performance optimization of the website in line with the re-launch of the website.

In addition to various new functions that were developed such as Geo-targeting and Recommended Events email subscription, Rush Hour also revised the user interface (design / layout) of the site.

The website performance optimization (WPO) enhancements performed by Rush Hour were dramatic – with load times of pages improving by as much as 300%! The WPO performed on the website not only included front end code optimization but also backend, database and even platform configuration enhancements.

About The Global Agenda

The Global Agenda – GAgenda - is one of the most useful business tools ever launched on the iTunes platform. Continuously updated, GAgenda gives you information on the world’s major events from business, politics, lifestyle and sports in the most intuitive and efficient way. Once you access the application you will immediately see the 15 upcoming major events in the country you are currently located. To look beyond, you can search events by date, location or category. If you like an event, tap on "Favorites" and the event will be saved in a private folder accessible through both the GAgenda app and the website. Tap on "Send to friend" to alert others about events that might be of relevance to them or go to the "Featured" section to see a selection of events around the world we are currently featuring.

If it is to keep track of specific events of business or personal interest to you or if you are just curious to find out what is happening at your next destination – this is the one app you need to have with you. is a product of Terrace Apps, based out of Switzerland.